Monday, September 23, 2013

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My daugter and I

My youngest daughter and I in front of a garden. I'm learning to wear a hat. It really does keep the sun out of your face. I think we all feel like we look bad in a hat. Do you feel that way? I decided to be brave and wear it anyway.

Company in Town

Wow, I had company for a week. I enjoyed it very much and took all kinds of photo's from all around Portland. Here is a fabulous one of a beautiful waterfall.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beading On The Go

You can accomplish a great deal of beading if you keep a project in your car. Take it in to the doctor's office and work on it while in the waiting room. I take my kids to the dentist all at the same time, so I can be in the waiting room for hours while they are getting their teeth cleaned. I sit and bead in the waiting room. I bead while waiting for my daughter at her violin lesson. You can get a lot done this way.

One warning, be careful with your scissors! I brought my beading in to the dentist's office like normal. My daughter finished getting her teeth cleaned and then went over to the treasure chest to pick out her take home toy. While leaning over to help her, un-be-knownst to me my scissors fell off my board and into the treasure. I was wondering where they went until I received a call. You see, they know me by my beading, when they found the scissors (picked up by a toddler), they knew who to call. How humiliating! I now keep my scissors in my purse instead of on my board.

New Beginnings

I'm just entering this world of blogging, actually of the Internet community. I began by posting on a beading chat group and now I've moved on to blogging. It feels like I've moved to a different planet. Matter of fact, rarely have I felt that something was so foreign to me. Not the actual posting, but the use of all the technology. Don't you ever wonder what would happen if a 3000 year old person was suddenly resurrected from the dead and had to enter our world. The greatest invention to them was the catapult, and here we are with moving cars, planes, missiles and an entire Internet world.